Commitment to Customers

At, KIAH METALLURGICAL INDIAN EXPORTERS, we treat customers as God and thus to serve God at our best is our only motto. This is because We are a well established firm with multiple sister companies dealing at national and international levels. Our in – house manufactured engineering raw materials have been everywhere, from local domestic wholesale and industrial projects to the multiple international government and private plant projects, from simple domestic furniture fabricated equipments to the highly complicated Oil and Gas industries in Gulf.
We take serious pride in what was started as a local trading business by my grandfather about 60 decades ago, has now grown up to be a sustainable MANUFACTURING EXPORT FIRM surrounded by several CSR services. All these social actions are possible because we are very finely financially settled. We have come to a point where running behind a business for immense profit or any kind of other perks are not viable to our company’s profile. We wear CUSTOMER SATISFACTION to our heart and serve our clients up to our complete faith because we do not believe in more profit and short business relationship. Our approach has always stayed to focus more on our quality products, best services and an ease of doing business which lets us take a small profit but a longer business relationship with our clients. Said this, there will be no chance of you being cheated, remain under constant fear of losing your hard earned money or left deserted in the middle of the business. We will take care of everything from the procuring raw material till the loading of goods with our best services at each point.

Material Preparation – Relevant and desired Raw Material is procured from our reliable supplier to manufacture the ideal material required by our clients as per their requirement. Material is prepared with the use of several permissible processes such as forging, raw hammering, bending, etc.The material is under supervision under desired environmental conditions to prevent the material from any defects. Once the material is Raw Ready and internally and externally strong, it is pushed for its aesthetics and goes under relevant processes such as grinding, sand glass, Electrode Polishing, Hand Polishing, Powder Metallurgy, Powder Coating, Casting and Rust preventive Painting and other refinements as per the cliental and industrial requirement and usage

Laboratary Testing – Our Management System Controls the quality of all arriving materials as per the raw material test certificate. Random checking is carried out for chemical and physical properties at government approved laboratories. Our materials are supplied with test certificates which include – Chemical properties, mechanical properties, heat treatment, hardness details, ultrasonic test, radiography and other tests, as per cliental requirement.

Logistic – Our expanded business means we have to put in tons of efforts behind every order, stock retention and manufacturing units so that none of our clients and investors are led unhappy in anyway. To let the core business at KIAH METALLURGICAL, run smoothly we have tied up with a local Logistics Firm who is well aware of transporting material with care up till our nearest port for export dispatch.


We understand the importance of manufacturing industrial quality material and its importance. But we cannot deny the importance of delivering the same good quality product as manufactured by us with all the relevant Specialities such as the special paint coating or bevelled ends to the pipe. To ensure the best product received by our clients we establish the export quality material with the export quality packaging. Such a packaging will ensure the goods are stable and retain the quality of itself even during a multimodal transit system.

ASSESSING – KIAH METALLURGICAL conduct personal product inspections, chemical and physical tests and perform a close material assessment for its customers.
KIAH METALLURGICAL identifies technology, training and processes to keep the whole business experience to the smoothest level.
IMPLEMENTING Once we have material buy-in, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.

EFFICIENCIES KIAH METALLURGICAL monitors each order based on its individual customer, adjusting strategies as needed and increasing efficiencies accordingly. KIAH METALLURGICAL INDIAN EXPORTERS rely strongly on best sourced raw materials for making the finished products for our International Customers.
In the field of Metallurgy a good sourced and maintained raw or finished material plays an important role as it is followed by several finishes which can be aptly applied to the best of materials for a continuous stable aesthetics and function.
We have great sources of suppliers who provide us the quality material at a consistent rate. Our long term business schedule with them has proven to be of great financial help because this way we have an advantage of having the best quality at an affordable industrial rate. With these quality raw materials at KIAH METALLURGICAL INDIAN EXPORTERS, we, proceed to form a highly versatile, formidable mould that shape in to the customers’ required description. Along with several other processes the product is strengthened – and checked for it’s variable physical and chemical qualities to match as per the metallurgical terms.
Our sources help us get highly reputable national branded raw materials, which are globally acclaimed for. Apart from the nationally sourced material, we also hold power to import international brands as per the cliental reference and / or description.

Kiah Metallurgical is an ISO 9001-2015 certified steel exporters
Kiah Metallurgical is an ISO 45001-2018 certified steel exporters
Kiah Metallurgical is an ISO 14001-2015 certified steel exporters
Kiah Metallurgical is a CE Compliant certified steel exporter

Stainless Commitment & Metallic Strength in our Services

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